WhiteAcres challenges anyone to tell them they can’t have everything they dream of. They don’t believe in limits, their positive outlook is contagious, and their shared mission (just like the title of their first album She Dreams) is to inspire others to dream and to live life with strength. Oh…and to have fun while you’re at it! Their sound is undeniably country with a bit of folk, pop, and rock blended in.

Alisa and Laura Whitacre were raised in the South Florida town of Jupiter and are in no way strangers to the roots of country music. Raised by parents who are harmony singing, guitar-and-piano-wielding musicians, they instilled a love and understanding of music in their daughters. They sang in church and learned the beauty of dynamics and harmony early on. Because of the shared genes, the duo can sound so much alike as to be indistinguishable from each other, and the music reflects their Southern Gospel heritage in the tight-fitting and spot-on vocal harmonies.

In 2012, Alisa wrote a song titled “Loving You” and brought it to Laura. They made the decision at that point to fully commit to their shared dream of writing and performing. Their take on songwriting is to tell it like it is, with a little tongue-in-cheek humor as needed, and without hesitation they deliver stories with an honest glimpse into the depth of their emotions and life experiences. Some of WhiteAcres’ musical influences are the Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss, Gretchen Wilson, Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Miranda Lambert.

Their self-penned album She Dreams includes the song "Sinner Tonight", which documents the struggles of making the right choices and illustrates the struggle to be “good”, while "Crowded Room" relays a very special tale about that moment when you know you’re in love…that moment that comes unexpectedly.  In fact, this song is a true story of how their parents met.  The sisters’ penchant for humor is also on display in the lighthearted and up-tempo song "Mad” that comically describes the fine line between love and annoyance in a relationship (love always wins).   WhiteAcres is currently performing, writing new material and preparing to get back in the studio to record new music, and what they dream will be their next “breakthrough” country album.

WhiteAcres is a musical destination and they welcome you to visit anytime.

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